About 212 Ekaiwa

I made this school because I want Japanese people to be able to speak English. I think many people pay a lot of money to major English conversation schools to study English conversation, but there may not be many people who can really speak. What is the problem? It’s time again. I think it’s because I spend too little time in contact with English. 212 Eikaiwa would like to improve on this issue. It is important to analyze each student’s abilities and spend more time speaking in English. The feature of 212 Eikaiwa is that you can express your thoughts in real English, not textbook-style English.

Why choose 212 English?

There are two things that are important to 212 Eikaiwa: family and community. We want to create a friendly English school that is easy for both children and adults to attend. We give each student enough time and space so they can grow at their own pace. 212 English Conversation is overwhelmingly different from other English conversation schools in the number of lessons and the length of time. This is definitely different. Just like with piano or other lessons, you won’t be able to make progress with a 30-minute lesson once a week.

Why 212 English?

Professional Teacher

I am a native English speaker who loves teaching English. My passion has then Ied me to Japan to teach English for over 5 years now.

Learn Anytime

Take online lessons at the perfect time for your busy schedule or visit my school for a lesson.

Affordable Prices​

My classes are very affordable and are up to standard with industry-regulated prices. My course fee is coming soon.

Some of My success stories


“Michael’s lessons are very enjoyable and satisfying. During the free talk, if I make a mistake, he will explain it properly and correct it. In addition, he is a wonderful person who is always kind and caring. They always support me. We will continue to have fun English conversations! “​



“My 6th-grade daughter teaches private lessons. She looks forward to Michael-sensei’s lessons every week, like a friend.”​

H. M.様


“Michael’s English conversation lessons give me the impression of freedom. You can learn basic texts, and you can also talk about your thoughts.”​


English is becoming more and more important!

Start your learning journey today!

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