Insta Mobile help


Editing Apps Mobile
Luma Fusion (Pro Video Editing)
Imovie (Video Editor)
InShot (Video editor)
Mojo (Insta story editor)
Over (graphic designer maker)
VLLO (easy editing)

Photo Editing Mobile
Canva (Logo Flyer Poster Card Maker)
Pro- knockout (mix photo editor)
VSCO (lighting)
Unfold (story templates)

Editing (PC and MAC)
Premiere Pro
DaVinci Resolve (Free alternative to Premiere Pro)

Photo Editing (PC and Mac)
GIMP (Free alternative to photoshop)

Tips easier editing (by david)

Tip for recording more efficiently, have a powerpoint slideshow (real simple, no need for any graphics) on your computer screen as you’re recording so you can go use it like cue cards.

Another tip for editing more efficiently, use audible cues in between takes. That’s what they use in movies. This is used for professional movie making. When they make the snap sound right next to the camera, that shows a visual spike in the audio graph in the editing app.

You can just go like “Take 2”. And clap your hands 3 times in a particular rhythm to create a visual spike pattern you can recognise when editing.

And maybe hold your fingers up to the camera so you can also see which take is about to follow.

Tips for creating Covers (Regina)

Another tip I would give is, if you don’t want to worry about the cover, make sure you smile for 2 seconds before you start speaking, that way when you upload the IG video, you will be smiling and won’t have to choose a cover.

It used to take 2-3 hours before. But I changed my format on my page and now it takes me less time to record and edit.

I also have saved templates – my own

Also did you know when you use transitions in InShot – it makes the video shorter

InShot is where I edit my 1 minute and longer videos and it’s super easy to use. It has features where you can make something pop up, slide in etc and you can add music.

Mojo, Over, & Unfold are great because they have a selection of templates to choose from, for your stories or posts. And again are easy to use, user friendly in my opinion.

Mojo is especially great for IG stories and even allows you to add music.

Pro-Knockout let’s you cutout faces and the person from a background.